Ski Trips

In the winter season we specialize in high end ski touring trips to BC’s finest Backcountry lodges as well as exotic international destinations like Svalbard, Greenland, Antarctica and Europe. In 2021 we added a new array of trips in our own magnificent backyard to appeal to the growing demand for local trips close to home. Trips we haven’t done for years, such as our Wapta, Bow Yoho, Northern Selkirks and Bugaboos Traverses, are world class and have a strong appeal to Canadians especially this past winter when we couldn’t travel internationally. When our borders reopen — and we hope they do soon — we look forward to sharing with our visitors, once again, what we believe to be the Best Skiing on Earth.

This is a complete listing of our upcoming trips.

Heli-accessed backcountry ski lodges

Escape the crowds and stay in a luxury backcountry ski lodge. Access is by helicopter, and all trips are fully guided and catered.

Vista Lodge

Now booking Winter 2024

Vista lodge is located in the middle of a beautiful alpine meadow at the edge of Vista Lake near the source of Schlicting Creek. Vista has five drainages to ski offering a myriad of terrain choices. Vista is also the portal to the big alpine zones off Cherub Glacier to the west. Strategically located at the center of the Esplanade Range, Vista is equally famous for its amazing spring skiing.

Selkirk Backcountry Lodge

The original, the best in Selkirk skiing.

Now booking for the 2023 seasons. Selkirk Lodge provides exceptional access to an endless variety of tree skiing and big glacier runs providing excellent backcountry skiing and snowboarding options. Sitting at 2,165 metres (7,100 ft) on a small sub-alpine knoll, Selkirk Lodge enjoys grand views of high summits, nearby ice fields and the deep wild valleys of the Albert Range of B.C.’s Selkirk Mountains.

Valhalla Mountain Lodge

Now booking for 2023 and beyond

Vallhalla Mountain Lodge was built in 1987 before most other backcountry lodges in the Koots were imagined. Best terrain, epic snow fall and perfect temperatures = heaven!

Burnie Glacier Chalet

Now booking Winter 2023

One of Canada’s very best ski touring lodges, Burnie is surrounded by towering glaciated peaks with epic 1500 m runs, and 700 m tree skiing behind the hut!

Sunrise Lodge

Now booking for 2023

Sunrise Lodge is located at the headwaters of Wisted creek and offers stunning views of Rockies to the west and Purcells to the south. Sunrise is the southern gateway to the amazing Esplanade range, including Meadow, Vista and Sentry Lodges. Consensus among those who’ve spent time at all four Esplanade Range Huts though is that Sunrise is the best: best terrain, best for storm skiing, and best snowpack of the bunch!


For backcountry skiers who want to improve their skills for getting out on self-guided adventures, we offer these Avalanche Canada certified courses.

Avalanche Skills 1

An effective framework for riding safely in avalanche terrain

Our two evening online zoom sessions introduce the concepts taught during the field day. The field day focuses on practical application of safe travel techniques and rescue systems.

Avalanche Skills 2

Intermediate level decision making in avalanche terrain

This course expands on the AST 1 program with more advanced weather and snow evaluation and, a lot more time in the mountains with our professional guides observing and moving in and around avalanche terrain.

Guided Backcountry Days

Local guided backcountry skiing adventures at a great price point

Join us on a guided backcountry splitboarding/skiing tour in the Canadian Rockies. An ideal way to get out and see/experience more committing terrain under the guidance and leadership of our fully certified ACMG ski/board guides.

Wild Ski Trips

We have offered ski camps and ski traverses for many years. This season there is an increasing demand for more local trips geared towards Canadian clients, not to mention trips that allow for better social distancing than the huts allow.

Every ski guide I know learned their craft starting with these kinds of trips in the company of others on the same path. Ski traverses and ski camps are where our hearts lie. Even though they are hard work and involve at least a bit of suffering, being in these remote, wild places has an irresistible lure.

Weekend G-Town Ski Camps

Town-based ski touring out of Golden, BC

Perfectly situated in the middle of the Canada’s best mountain ranges for ski touring. Take advantage of the many excellent accommodation opportunities and enjoy day trips into the Selkirks, Pucells and Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The Stoke & G-Town Ski Camp

Town-based ski touring out of Revelstoke and Golden, BC

These ski towns are perfectly situated in the middle of the Canada’s best mountain ranges for ski touring. Take advantage of the many excellent accommodation opportunities and enjoy day trips into the Selkirks, Pucells and Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Wild Ski Trips

Really “off the grid”

Every ski guide I know started with these kinds of trips. Ski traverses and ski camps are where our hearts lie. Even though they are hard work and involve at least a bit of suffering, being in these remote, wild places has an irresistible lure.

Nirvana Pass

Mountains as awesome as their mythical namesakes

“Rows of glaciers on either side of the valley are lined up one beside the other at varying degrees of steepness, all perfect for skiing. The peaks are towering and rugged. I’ve been to most of the best backcountry ski lodges in the world … Nirvana tops them all for terrain.”

Northern Selkirks Traverse

Booking for 2022

North of Rogers Pass is a chain of high glaciated peaks that forms the Northern Selkirks Traverse. We begin the trip near Sorcerer Lodge at Ventego Lake at the base of the south face of Mt. Iconoclast. Over the course of 7 days we work our way northward, exiting either via Stitt Creek or over the Adamants and fly out from Fairy Meadow.

Bugaboos to Rogers Pass

Canada’s Great Haute Route

The Bugs to Rogers traverse is arguably the most coveted ski traverse in Western Canada. It starts with the spectacular Bugaboos and continues across the beautiful northern section of the Purcells, finishing with a high line through the Selkirk Mountains to Rogers Pass.

Bonnington Traverse

Kootenay Hut to Hut Skiing

The Rockies are known for the great glaciated hut-to-hut traverses: the Wapta Traverse and the Yoho Traverse (or the “Bow-Yoho” Traverse as it’s also known). Deep in the Kootenays is a completely different kind of trip, the Bonnington Traverse. This is a 3-day (with heli-drop) or 4-day traverse that links alpine and sub-alpine ridges from Ymir all the way to Porto Rico, just a few minutes drive south of Nelson

Wapta Traverse

Booking now for 2023.

This is the Classic Wapta traverse. An excellent hut system, perfect terrain for traverses, and easy access to excellent ski mountaineering objectives. By March the snowpack is settled and the travelling is easy, but with great low-density powder skiing still.

Bow Yoho Traverse

Comfortable hut to hut ski touring in the Canadian Rockies now booking 2022

We are the Wapta Deluxe experts. For years we have offered the very finest Bow Yoho traverses. Our clients have confirmed that this is the closest you’ll get to a luxury Euro-style traverse in Canada and certainly on the Wapta. Find out why! Book now!

Ski and Sail

Skiing and sailing seems an unlikely combination. In the arctic regions of our planet, however, are outstanding rugged mountains rising out of the ocean that are really hard to get to except by boat.

Think of these trips like a floating backcountry ski lodge. In evenings we board the ship and eat dinner while we sail to another fjord. In the morning, new vistas new ski objectives await.

Seiland House

Explore the Fjords of Northern Norway from a remote backcountry lodge

– Seiland is a ski touring paradise accessible only by a 3-hour boat trip from Alta. For six days we will enjoy the arctic hospitality of this family-operated lodge and ski the slopes above the nearby fjords, accessed each morning by motorboat.

Fjords of Norway Ski and Sail

Explore Northern Norway’s fjords and glaciers

We will spend the week sailing and skiing along the coastal mountains of the Lyngen Alps, on board the s/v Noorderlicht. Our goal: explore the rugged coastline of Northern Norway, with the fjords and glaciated peaks that makes this region so famous.

Antarctica Ski & Sail

Ski, sail and kayak tour on the Antarctic Peninsuila

In November/December 2021 we are partnering with Ski Antarctica to provide an unforgettable trip of a lifetime to Antarctica by sailboat.


Ski the Land of the Rising Sun, now booking 2023 & 2024

Japan has formed a legendary reputation for deep powder skiing in January and February. The saying “Don’t Leave Powder to Find Powder” is common in western Canada – why leave Canada when we have the best skiing in the world? Well, Japan is a strong contender, and when you add the incredible cultural experience to the mix it rises to the top of any serious skier’s bucket list.

Svalbard Ski & Sail

Explore the Fjords of Svalbard from the s/v Noorderlicht

Backcountry ski touring and sailing along the west coast of Spitsbergen in the Greenland sea, 1000 km north of Norway, in the remote arctic Svalbard archipelago. Svalbard is a wild and remote place, yet a land perfectly suited for ski touring and easy to access, with direct flights from Oslo. The only way to visit this region is by sailing yacht, and the Noorderlicht is the most comfortable and ideal boat for the task.